Grants Management

BMC helps clients plan, organize, and manage resources to achieve the successful implementation of grant program goals and objectives. In a risk-averse budgetary climate, we offer grants management strategies and risk management measures that ensure program performance and success. Our results-driven operational and resource planning, and compliance support assure maximum grant utility

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Design
  • Grant operations support
  • Financial and programmatic monitoring
  • Research and recommendations
  • Sub-grantee training
  • Audit and OMB documentation review
  • Outreach and technical assistance

Contracts Management

BMC support encompasses the full Systems Development Life Cycle and Enterprise Performance Life Cycle through the expertise of our contract specialists, procurement specialists, and procurement technicians. Our full spectrum of cost-saving services span contract and proposal document development (SOW, SOO, PWS), Government cost estimates, research, procurement plans and RFP development, contract and compliance audits, internal controls, and closeout functions.

  • RFP Development
  • Acquisitions planning and support
  • IPT facilitation
  • Pre- and Post-award support
  • Source selection assistance
  • Centralized Contract Audit Functions

Compliance Auditing

BMC is adept at providing full-service compliance auditing for customers and partners. We currently perform contract audit services for multiple Federal Government agencies and we’re agile in assisting agencies with complying with GAO or IG audit findings. From FAR/CAS Audits, OMB Audits, and financial analysis and assessments, to budgetary reviews, material violation monitoring, and assessments, our experienced staff leverages best practices in today’s compliance-driven climate.

  • Third-party arrangements
  • SAS 70
  • Audit training
  • Indirect cost rate development
  • Audit DCAA liaison functions
  • Price and cost analysis

Accounting Services

BMC understands that businesses are only as good as the accounting systems that drive them forward. We work to assure that our customers have the greatest possible transparency of their internal financial elements by offering proven, end-to-end accounting services.

  • Operational and accounting support services to public and private sectors
  • Daily transaction processing and adjudication
  • Accounts payable processing
  • Travel voucher processing
  • Call center support
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Audit readiness assistance

Internal Controls

BMC uses the best private and public-sector management methods, skills, and tools to deliver results-based internal controls for Federal and industry clients. We work to ensure our customers are always audit-ready by assisting with the development of internal audit plans and performing audit functions.

  • A-123 Audits and Compliance assessment
  • Establishing and assessing controls
  • Testing of controls
  • Internal control compliance, and monitoring program design and testing
  • Governance, risk, and compliance framework development and integration

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